Our selection of activity packages have different level of challenges, both physical and intellectual. The most of these are suitable for a firm excursion, but here we have put together a package with activities that fit for an excursion day with colleagues in every age and form. 

What is this? This package is a combination of GPS-walk in Bergen city center, and ends up on either Mt. Ulriken or Mt. Fløyen where we continue with team activities. This composition of activities gives the participants a glimt of culture both in the city center and in the city mountains. In addition, the activities are inclusive and suitable for groups with a large  age gap. The excursion package has a longer duration that other of our activity packages, up to five hours including pub visits. Normally, the activity day ends with dinner at the restaurant at either Mt. Ulriken or Mt. Fløyen.

What is included? The firm excursion involves a team competition where the participants are divided into teams which first conduct the GPS-walk with assignments in the city center. The end of the route will be on top of Mt. Ulriken or Mt. Fløyen where the same teams will conduct team activities. We can include pub visits in the route. Examples of team activities are archery, air pistol, ax throwing, tangram, labyrinth and more.


Number of people: 10-500

Duration: 3-3,5 hours

Place: Bergen city center and Mt. Ulriken/Mt. Fløyen. Transport is needed from city center to Mt. Ulriken

From NOK 890,-  per pers

Minimum price equals 10 people


+ Cooperation

+ Trust

+ Team Spirit

+ Variation of activities

+ Role distribution

+ Competition

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