The History of Bergen Base Camp – AS is one of the leading companies offering activities in and around the Bergen area. In 2006 Bergen Base Camp evolved as a concept inside our company, and in 2009, it became our brand. Our mission is to deliver safe, environmental and inspiring activities. Vi want to excite our customers – either it is a team building event, with your friends, family or just a round trip in Fjord Norway. We arrange our own activities, in addition to our collaborators’ in and outside Bergen. Such as rafting, glacier walks or boats in the Fjords. Mount Ulriken is our main area for events, but we also use the city center, Mount Fløyen and other places around the city.

We are conscious about the environment, and value the balance between using the nature, and taking care of it. is selected as a pilot company in the development work for sustainable geotourism. The program is a collaboration between Innovation Norway, The Research Council of Norway and Industrial Development Corporation of Norway.

The founder of this company, Anne Gunn Rosvold, has a background as a performer in various activities as climbing, sky diving, skiing, kayaking, glacier walks, expeditions, and more. In addition, she shares the company’s core values. In 2009, she collected the Founder Price for innovation and creation, “Fredrikke Qvam Prisen 2009”.

Our Core Values
Our staff has great competence about our activities and possess a lot of experience. This contribute to increased joy for our customers because we can give a good advice about relevant activities, equipment and appropriate clothing. In addition, it gives a basis for our next value; Safety. We emphasize safety, to create an environment where more people can engage in the activities and experiences. We constantly think about the environment and the local nature, and have a strong focus on taking care of our surroundings and keeping the local nature and culture history. Development is also a essential concept for us. We wish to develop our selves continuously to that more people can get inspired by our activities and the experiences we provide.