Bergen city is surrounded by seven mountains which all have great hiking opportunities where you can enjoy a scenic view and old cultural history. The most popular mountains are Mt Ulriken (643 masl) and Mt Fløyen (320 masl), and these are also the two mountains with the best views of the city, mountains and fjords. Our guides have great experience and knowledge about the mountains, and are happy to show you the great nature of Bergen’s city mountains at your pace.

Send us an informal request and tell us your preferences. Our experts will give recommendation for the most suitable hiking tour for you. Price for guided tours depend on amount of people and hiking route.

One example for a hiking tour is among the most popular hikes in Norway:

Panoramic Hike Across Vidden

Duration: 4-6 hours – Length: 13 km – Level: Medium

The city mountain hike “Vidden” from Mt. Ulriken to Mt. Fløyen will give you an exciting cultural history as well as beautiful and wild highland nature and scenic views, at the highest mountain plateau of the 7 city mountains