Our Instructors

We use only certified instructors and guides who are trained with knowledge and practice. We have over 10 years of experience with delivering top quality activities and guiding for our customers. Together, we are a composition of people with diverse education and background.

Activity Leaders

The leaders of our activities are energetic and great at creating a good mode and environment for the group. In addition, they are full of knowledge about the different activities you are doing, and have control of the safety around them.

We demand a lot from them in terms of expression and behavior so that our customers can have the best event possible, which is meant to excite and inspire. Our leaders are responsible for making the best experience for all the participants in the activities, and facilitate for collaboration and mastering for groups of all sizes.


Our guides are knowledgeable about the areas we operate in. We have guides that create tours in Bergen city, the city mountains and in the fjords and mountains in Fjord Norway. Our specialization is adventures and experiences in the nature, which is not lacking in these areas.

Our guides are experts on finding the best tour according to your preferences, and tailor a package that is based on your interests. Our goal is to be focused on details and prepared for the challenges the nature can bring. By being proactive and ready for every possible situation, we can ensure our customers a great experience.

Zipline Instructors

Our Zipline on Mt. Ulriken is built by certified constructors according to valid standards, and are controlled annually. The instructors operating the zipline are well trained according to strict standards and demands. We want our customers to feel safe and well taken care of when they conduct this activity.

Instructors for climbing and abseiling

We only use instructors certified by the Norwegian Climbing Association for these activities. They have strong knowledge about equipment and know how the customers can have the best possible experience in the mountain wall.