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We love our job – but right now health is what is most important.

We started 2020 with great expectations for the year our beloved company turned 15 years.

15 years of activities for Bergen natives, companies and travelling visitors. In 2016 we built a Zipline on Ulriken, and this year we have expanded with several new products in the outdoor activities and games domain.

Right now the reality is unreal. From the one day to the next we experienced a full stop. All companies have cancelled their gatherings and events, bachelor parties are cancelled and all of our guided experiences are postponed indefinitely. 

The uncertainties are grave, all of our employees are temporarily laid off, but not 100 %. We will be available if there is anyone thinking far ahead about social gatherings – we will be happy to take orders for autumn or 2021. This would contribute to our strengthened confidence in taking up loans to get through these hard times – and also towards the banks believing in us and our future.

Some people ask for support in purchases of gift cards – and this is also possible with us.

But, with us, there are still a couple of activities that can still be enjoyed; games that can be downloaded to the phone and played outside without being in contact with others than your closest. We will in the coming period create more games and we think and hope that this can be an engaging activity for families on their trips, in this special time. 

Economic security are important for many companies now – but what is most important are peoples’ health and well-being! Our biggest resources, in both work and social life, are the people, love and solidarity. In Norway we are lucky to have great trust to whom another and to the ones running our country. We must all do our outermost to protect ourselves and the ones we love. 

We love our job at Bergen Base Camp, but we love you more!


Anne Gunn Rosvold


We offer a range of different activity packages which are suitable for team building, events, seminar, conference, incentives and other company events for one or several days. We have over 15 years of experience with facilitating for activities and tailor the event according to your preferences. Our instructors invite you to our safe and environmental friendly activities in the nature and the city.