Bergen Base Camp is proud to be a complete provider of activities and adventure travel in Bergen, Fjord Norway, and the rest of the country. Our employees have over 12 years of experience, and focus on satisfying your needs and preferences when tailoring an event for you. Committing to the research to find the right alternatives and choices to fit the goals of your event, implies a cost of time and money. It is here our experts come in. With the competence and experience, we will take responsibility of providing the whole package for you, including hotel, transport, activities and entertainment. Further, we will do our best to give you a flawless event, going smoothly and according to schedule.

We tailor according to your preferences

Our goal is to plan an event that is 100% tailored to your needs and preferences. We will save the company use of time and resources in the planning, as our experts have the competence and experience which is necessary to put together the best program in line with the purpose for the event. We ensure the quality of the conduction and that it will go smoothly and according to the plan. This will be an easy alternative for the company because you only need to deal with one contact person who will have control of all the related activities. In addition, there will only be one invoice, without any extra cost for the organization.

We can be engaged early in the planning phase and contribute with our expertise for the company to attain the purpose of the event. The company will decide if we are only contributing with small a part of the event, or organizing everything. With 12 years of experience with facilitating and organizing events, we know all the hotels and conference facilities – without being bound to them. We know which activities are relevant, and find entertainment according to the budget.

We know how time consuming it can be to find different alternatives and opportunities for the conference, event, seminar, incentive ect. Send us an request, and we will give our best recommendations and present complete packages which will save your time and resources. We have an unique competence in Bergen and Fjord Norway, but we also have a great knowledge in other parts of the country, e.g. Northern Norway.

Service when your are planning:

– Quick response to your request/RFP
– Creativity and skilled advices in the planning process
– Customized itinerary
– Local know-how
– Booking of hotel, transport, venues, restaurants, and more
– Activities and others according to your needs and preferences

Service when you are in Norway:

– Meet & Greet
– Logistics
– Personal and 24/7 services and assistance
– Experienced and flexible organizers
– Your local representative at all time